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Kotalin Bizelle™ Birthday Bash™ Variant Brown Hair


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Elizabet Bizelle™ Woman in Red™ – Ltd Ed size 300 (hair variant – Raven)

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Elizabet Bizelle™ (Code-named LizBiz) and her sister Kotalin Bizelle™ the first Australian Created fashion dolls, return for their 2006, 2nd season. Sculpted by internationally renowned artist Jozef Szekeres, with great attention to detail to capture an animated feminine beauty and grace with her posed torso, arms and legs, she implies movement and life.

Elizabet™ and Kotalin™ are strung Poly Resin 16” fashion dolls (with 5 points of articulation) with vinyl heads and punched/rooted hair. The second season edition dolls have new strung arms made of PVC for more interactive play.


Kotalin Bizelle™ Birthday Bash™ – Ltd Ed size 200 (hair variant – Brown)

“Elizabet Bizelle” and “Kotalin Bizelle” and its associated logos are ™ and © Jozef Szekeres 2003-2016. All Rights Reserved.

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Dimensions 51 x 18 x 12 cm


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